You have within you the opportunity to create meaningful change. Envision Alpharetta is here to provide you every opportunity to realize that potential. This 12 week program will unite Influencers by creating a shared experience that will be the springboard to working with others in the Alpharetta community to make a difference around a shared topic.

Throughout the program, Influencers will:

  • Get to know themselves, each other, and the city of Alpharetta in a new way.
  • Ask hard questions, test new ideas, weigh in on difficult or controversial issues facing our city and its people.
  • Inquire and explore ideas and develop them to have a transformative influence on an issue in the city.

Scope and Sequence

The Envision Alpharetta program is 12-week experience alternating in-person learning sessions and small group meetings. As you learn more about the resources available to you right here in your community, you will also expand your network and deepen relationships with fellow changemakers.

Here’s a glimpse at the topics covered.

Part 1: Learn about yourself

Deep dive into your own strengths as a leader and how to craft an approach that leverages your natural abilities and creates a path of least resistance.

Part 2: Alpharetta landscape

Alpharetta is transforming before our eyes. As we set new visions for the future, we will carve out time to understand the events and forces that brought our community to where it is today.

Part 3: What are the issues?

Using recent survey results as a jumping off point, gain insight into the issues your neighbors express and weigh in with your own ideas.

Part 4: How can we implement change?

Explore the dynamics at play in Alpharetta and the key organizations and outlets making an impact. This conversation may spark a desire to partner with an existing initiative or highlight a gap in resources that you’re passionate to fill.

Part 5: Communication

Gain the skills needed to express your vision in a bold, powerful, and compelling way. From one-on-one conversation to online platforms, we explore the strategies behind conveying bold ideas that stick.

Part 6: Bringing an idea to reality

Learn the goal-setting and project management strategies that allow leaders to execute and teams to make progress.

Part 7: Capstone

Presenting your Vision. Share your vision for impacting our community. You may be selected to speak at the next ALPH TALK.

*Investment for the Springboard program is $249


“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.”

Helen Keller

“The people are the only ones capable of transforming society.”

Rigoberta Menchu

“When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?”

Eleanor Roosevelt